Welcome to Petra’s Blog

For what do I write this blog ?

For what and not why …

Here writes Petra Buderus, Counselor, Coach and HR expert.

For what ? For supporting ongoing, best collective reflection on what makes people work together, being motivated, being special, being member and themselves, being engaged in organizations or projects, being let down by harmful work environments … being human.

Human beings in organizations

Organizations of human beings

Being human in organizations

We live in a world becoming increasingly difficult to understand and to integrate into for the individual, as well as being exhausting to adapt to for organizations. Change is, and has always been, a part of human life and creation but becomes in our days a „daily exercise” in a world of increasingly rapid and profound transformations.

These ongoing processes, their positive benefits or harming impacts I am observing fort the last 25 years and this observation creates in me this genuine wish and motivation of being able to understand and support people and organizations where needed towards creative and satisfying common solutions.

This needs ongoing reflection and SHARING of views and experiences that may go beyond any management or leadership wave. That is why I will not only write here but also interview, reflect on books and ask for your feedback and contribution on the following topics :

  • Conflicts and Bullying
  • Burnout and resilience
  • Communication
  • Coaching, counseling and training
  • Health management and well being

I hope you will enjoy reading and contributing !