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Petra Buderus Consulting & Coaching advises organizations and executives in change processes.

Our focus and goal : clarity and humanity in systems, organizations and projects. Therein lies the key to the success of companies and employees.

Do you want to learn more about how to help your organization and structures becoming clear and human?


Services for your Organization


Organizational Health Management

Health Management in companies must include much more than just fitness classes.

A “Culture of Wellbeing”  contributes to prevent health risks such as high sick rates and burnout and fosters productivity, satisfaction and employee retention. We help companies to achieve these goals by

  • Analysis of health indicators (absenteeism, burnout cases, etc.)
  • Development of specific measures to improve the company’s health
  • Implementation of activities and monitoring the process by training, team developments, coaching, supervision

Anti-bullying activities and conflict management

Cases of harassment, bullying, sexual harassment or “just” repetitive conflicts represent difficult situations for companies. Too often Managers are not skilled and trained to deal with them. This drains negative consequences (economical and human) for the entire organization.

We help companies to relax such situations and to de-escalate immediately . Following this, we initiate a process of “Healing and Learning” for those involved, so as to convert the negative experiences in a positive impact for the organization.

Moreover we  take care of an analysis of risk factors to sustain the development of specific preventive measures.

People Strategy, Culture and Management

Your organization faces the challenge to master change processes? We will support you.

We guide companies through the whole process and implement activities to provide motivation, identification and acceptance of change which will permit to establish a  “Culture of Change” for the future.

We also make companies fit for the development of employee potential: through talent management we detect and encourage future leaders, assist top managers in the development of their career. We can also support you in embedding these actions in a strategy supporting succession plan.

Assessment and Development Center

Nowadays, for selection and ongoing development of employees instruments of Assessment Centers and Development Centers are increasingly used as they permit to have a wider view on people’s concrete competencies through simulation of real work situations.

A successful implementation of such tools is based on a profound preparation: what are the styles, functions, roles and competencies within your organization. We support you throughout the entire process. Moreover we prepare your managers to succeed themselves in such processes.

Coaching and Team building

Some examples of our missions that we accomplished successfully:

Personal development for individuals :

  • Career planning and promotions
  • Burn-out prevention
  • Presentation skills
  • Decision making, related to difficult situations

Team development:

  • New teams: learn to act as a body
  • Acute crises and conflicts
  • Resilience training
  • Reflecting teams

Training and development

Our expertise lies in developing and giving trainings, seminars and workshops in the field of health management, stress prevention and coping, self-management, mental health at work, conflict and bullying, leadership skills, as well as communication (communicating in difficult situations and presentation skills). Our approach also covers mindfulness and relaxation techniques.
On demand we develop for your company tailor-made in-house trainings, seminars, workshops and team-buildings on these topics.

Approach and our true belief

In our systemic approach, we look at “problems” as being issues inherent in the overall system, rather than due to specific, individual or isolated factors.

This is why we always recommend organizational development via counselling as well as at the same time development and coaching of individuals.

This permits to create clarity, choose the right frame and structure, be flexible for change and at the same time structured enough to avoid depletion and dispersion.


“The development of people and structures in a clear  human framework are Ying and Yang of success in balance for organizations and human beings”

Our approach, based on our experience, is just as pragmatic as structured, and it is just as clear as human.

Profile: About Petra Buderus

Petra Buderus, founder of „Petra Buderus Consulting & Coaching“ is native German and true European in her soul and convictions.

She has studied psychology in France and gained early experience since 1994 in her career in social work in the suburbs of Metz and in outplacement services for managers of the declining steel industry in Lorraine.

These two first experiences have fostered her believe that people are people, irrespective of having or not having qualifications, higher or lower social levels, stable or perturbed social and family backgrounds.  Mostly people are not prepared to accept change and grief.

Since 1999 Petra has worked as HR consultant and HR Director in the international environment of Luxembourg in companies in various industries (consulting, Audit, IT and health sector).

Petra Buderus

Petra Buderus

Petra has obtained several additional certifications as hypnosystemic counsellor and coach for individuals and organization as well as in in systemic body therapy. She is trilingual (German, French and English) with a good knowledge of the Luxembourgish.

She is member of  EMCC Luxemburg (Eropean Mentoring and Coaching Council).


Partners: Excellence by network

We are cooperating with a couple of excellent partners. Our goal: strengthening our competences and bringing you the best service around. Some of our partners:


Our cooperation with intakkt concerns the field of psychological health at work.


Focused Development is our partner for leadership trainings, especially in the field of authentic leadership, optimal communication and presentations skills.


Ekvido supports us in processes of talent management and development through Assessment and Development Centers.

Voices: what encourages us

„Petra offered me a tailored made support and guidance. Each session was particular and special. She is extremely dedicated in her role of mentor.“
Valérie, Facilites Manager , Banking Sector
„Petra is one of the most talented HR in Luxembourg. Listening and creative, with a strong background. A very effective way to create opportunities, solve problems and add value nowadays“
Fabien, CEO Marketing and Event Company
„She gets the balance right to be both a strong leader and caring manager. She is tough when that is called for and compassionate when that makes more sense and is more effective.“
Paul, COO
„Petra helped me in developing and strengthening my personal and professional competencies, such as communication, leadership and also personal/professional balance.“
Margot, Senior Manager, Consulting Company

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